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Interior Off-Road Luxury Experience! The NextGen Greyline interior sports the luxury interior of the Blackline model with the bonus of being a full off-road caravan. With the room for well needed head space, increased cupboard storage and a clean, new century feel the caravan's interior gives it a unique identity to a full off-road caravan. The interior furnishing is all CNC Machined in house to achieve the required robust strength and finish quality that is synonymous with the NextGen brand.


Exterior Built To Follow You Anywhere The NextGen Greyline is your full blown off-road caravan! This machine combines the Luxury of the Blackline model alongside the furious off-road features that will take you wherever your heart desires. The Greyline sports top of the range dual shock trailing arm coil independent suspension, combined with a chassis that gives our customers a premium ride with un-comparable handling. The frame includes extra bracing on the raised checker plate front, rear, sides and both wheel arches plus a full under body checker plate sheeting and a fully integrated battery with solar management system.